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Zero gravity vs. laminar lip

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IMO a smoke or color matched Zero Gravity or Double Bubble screen looks better than the Laminar Lip on the bike.

I had a smoke Z.G. on a ZX1000R that worked pretty good and looked great with the red and black color scheme. It was on there when I bought the bike so I can't say how it compared stock, but I didn't notice any XS noise or backpressure with it on.
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REAL cold is the polar wind coming off Siberia while you're standing ouside on watch off Kamchatka. Ever seen salt water freeze and make a ship topheavy?

Re: Well there ya go

Just shows Chicago Pollocks don't feel the cold.

Prob'ly all that crappy beer and sausage.
Not so fast Grasshopper...

The ZRX is a race replica, Eddie Lawson rode one in the early 80's superbike races
Re: Blue Nose

I spent some time in the Arctic Circle and North Atlantic, when you're wearing wool longjohns, dungarees, O.D. coveralls and a foul weather jacket to stand fireroom watches you know you've arrived. The lowest I saw was 35 degree water in the sea scoop

One of the few times I felt sorry for airdales.
I fabricated my own laminar lip. A heat gun, a dremel tool, some 3m tape, and some time is all ya need.

whole project cost about 17 bucks.

After about 6 months of hard riding (150mph+ on occasion) it was starting to move around a little so I tood it off.

While it was on though... it turned the old 1000 effer into a goldwing. It was a beautiful thing. I painted the inside of it black... it really gave the old bike the transformer look!
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If it warmed up to 33 here, we'd call that summer. It's 4 right now with 40% humidity. That ain't dry. I've ridden all over the country, and you won't find cold that will penetrate your gear like this stuff. Ask people that have been through a cold Chicago winter. They ain't felt nothing like it.
Wasn't that aka the H2 Kawasaki 750 Triple? A motorcycle with infamous handling and killer of many good riders? When I rode those I didn't EVEN TRY to hurry around corners, they were however quite entertaining in a straight line (with Denco (SP?) pipes and ported). My personal LOW-water mark was set by a 1976 KZ400 (sleazy 400) Kawasaki. I never got used to that "hinge in the middle" feeling while the rear end was doing pogo-stick impressions. It's doggy engine (90MPH) completed it's charm. When the engine started to blow, at about 10,000 miles, I opened the throttle and downshifted as I slowed until it stopped for GOOD.
YEAH!!! Just call me Fast Daley! (OK Dale, time to wake up and take your Meds)
Oh... in that case... well... never mind... Hope to get to Moroso for a track day in March after the 200, miss the twisties. I can't believe that there's not a single mountain pass road for hundreds of miles around here! Damn Government!


I was up there for boiler school at Great Lakes NTC in Oct. Nov. and Dec. of '75, I remember it got pretty chilly. I also lived in Montreal for 5 years when I was a kid.

The Seattle -Tacoma area is like Florida compared to winter in the mid-west and north east, I don't blame you guys for parkin' it. The coldest I've ridden in is about 15 which was enough for me without electrics.

Our average winter is around 40 and drizzle, As long as you keep dry and run decent rain tires it's not that big a deal. This morning was 38 and drizzle so no problem. I put whats left of the rain covers over my gloves and they more or less worked.

In fact the biggest hazard now is that they sanded the ***** out of the roads last week so now the road spray leaves this gritty film on everything. Slippery to ride on, but an abrasive paste to grind your chain and sprockets.

I go through a lot of penetrating oil this time of year.
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Re: Blue Nose

Only 35? We got injection temps into the 20's under the ice. You could hang meat in the main condenser bay!

And you're right about that Chicago cold. In February of '74 the Navy sent me from my home state of Florida to NTC Great Lakes. Ouch - Talk about your thermal shock! I've never been that cold before or since (a "since" that includes time under the ice, a winter in beautiful Monticello Minnesota, and the last 25 years in New England where I ride year 'round).

There's something about the winter wind coming off of Lake Michigan…

By the way, there's never a good reason to feel sorry for the airdales.
Well, I used a Lip on a GS500F. It worked as advertised; making the bike comfortable to ride at "highway" speeds. I was concerned initially that the Dual LOc fasteners wouldn't hold at speed, but, they did. (Up to just over a ton, anyway.) In fact, they kept the Lip in place when I bounced the bike on its nose/windshield during an unscheduled "stunt".

As usual, YMMV.
Re: Blue Nose

Usually if you get a carrier under the ice cap, low condenser temps. aren't your biggest problem, LOL
I had a Zero Gravity screen on an '01 Gixxer 600-- Didn't think it was all that great. It was fairly thin and brittle looking/feeling. The bike came with it. It did look nice, though, with the Dark Smoke finish.

I like Puig screens. They are much thicker and durable than ZG's. Unless you're a racer concerned about saving every ounce of weight possible, I would think Puig screens are a better bet... Not that they feel heavy anyways.

There are a few different screen styles from them: Standard, Racing (Double Bubble style), and Touring (has a lip at the top of the taller screen).

They also come in Light and Dark smoke, Clear, and a variety of colors.

You can find these screens at your local Cycle Gear, if you have one in your area.

Happy Researching

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Cannot say much about the Lip or Zero Gravity. I got a ZZR1200 with the 3" taller Kawasaki optional shield that works good. Does Kawasaki make an optional screen for this bike? You may want to check them out too.

I should move to Seattle, these Pullman winters are rough

Guess I shouldn't biatch since I just spent six winters in St. Paul. Who wouldn't love it, winter is the best seven months of the year, yanno.

Thing is that the motorcyclists there are f'n hard core when it's anything like good outside. M-St.P. supposedly has the highest number of golf courses in the nation per capita. I think that's because when it's good enough out to ride, or golf, it's time to go big or not at all.
Minus 14 in Eau Claire, WI this morning (and no, I don't think I'll go for a ride today)
I've got the ZG screen on my ZRX too. Works great - but it's totally different from what they sell for sport bikes.
74 in San Diego. I'm taking the boy for a ride!
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