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Zodiac Sign Gardening

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The first farmers were probably the founders of astrology. Their crops responded to the signs in the heavens and this became a convenient method of ensuring good harvests. We can use this knowledge as well.
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Really? This is your marketing plan? Posting on forums that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR PRODUCT?

And you think this is going to work? That's sad. And dumb. If you aren't capable of figuring out how to advertise and promote your product, than maybe you shouldn't have a business in the first place.

What a lame ass attempt at SEO development.

People like you make advertising and promotion more difficult as search engines and spam filters crank up their security methods to block your dumb ass.
What do the Signs and Portents in the Heavens tell us about this year's Motorcycle Harvest?

Will it be a "Bumper" Crop?

God, I hope not - car-bumper's are painful...................
I'd delete it but even that little bit is so shot with superstitious nonsense that it's a good cautionary example of new age 'think'. I can't imagine what would happen to food production if ADM hired Nancy Reagan as a consultant.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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