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ZTL Brakes

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:( hay people just though id put itout there have any of u had problems with your ZTL brake worping i like them but when under hard brakeing it feals like your running over cats eyes any idears of how to fix it without loseing this systum
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What's a ZTL?
What's a ZTL?
It's similar to putting your flip-flops to the pavement and screeching to a halt a la' Fred Flintstone.
What's a ZTL?
Eye blieve he's referring 2 the Buell Zero Torsional Load front brake, dawg. Or 1 uv the knock-offs.

Werd, Yo.
I have a Buell, and my front brake feels distinctly different from my friends. Not bad, just different.

I have not heard of warped brake rotors except for crash damage. This question would be better addressed at Buell Motorcycle Forum, Information, Tech Support, Photos, Performance Parts, & Advice - BadWeB.
I rode a Buell for a short ride before, I diddn't notice the brakes feeling any different but I wasn't on it long enough to get a real feel for them. They certainly seemed to work as well as anyone elses..

As far as loosing the system I'm not sure what point that would serve, you'd pretty much need a new front forks and wheel to get the caliper and rotor to line up. If yours isn't working properly I'd fix that by replacing the rotor if it's warped or dissassembling and cleaning the caliper before I went f'king around swapping the entire front end. That system can't be that old, at worst you might need to spend some time cleaning and bleeding the caliper and master cylinder, maybe new pads and rotor
"I have a Buell,...."

I'm very sorry! :)
Now that you mention it, pplasm, the brakes on my Buell also feel distinctly different from my friends. Most of my friends feel rather soft, warm, and squishy, while my brakes feel hard, cold and metallic. Interestingly, it never before occurred to me to compare the two.
I can say my bike has not been crashed as I have owned it from new its just I have heard of this before and have had it happen to me on my old VTR1000 and now the BUELL when are thay going to bring out a disk that doesnt worp!!!
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