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Oh the Humanity

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First Post!

A lot of dealers prefer to get you to use their financing. Perhaps they just don't want you to use another credit union.

I only bought one new bike, and it was through Honda's financing, so I got no such attitude.
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I'm not talking about dealers necessarily. He mentioned he won't accept CC in his business.

I understand the grinding that goes on. I worked for a short period of time in a multi-line dealer in SoCal as well.
I think you're just throwing out bait to see if buttbandit strikes.
I must be in the minority as I've bought 3 new bikes, and one used one from a dealer (Ducati, so not cheap) and they've always taken my check. Other than offering financing no problems at all. Perhaps laws or custom varies by State?

Reasonable profit question

Not to get totally off-topic here but I have a question that hopefully someone currently or previously intimately involved in motorcycle sales can answer. Here's the scenario: A two or three-year old motorcycle has been sitting in a showroom (alright it's a Triumph/Moto Guzzi/Ducati/etc.) The dealer is obviosly wanting to get rid of it but still wants to make SOME money. Keeping in mind all the incentives from the factory to the dealer, how much money is a reasonable amount for a dealer to expect to make as a percentage of the bike's cost to him? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
Something else is going on here. I am a motorcycle salesman at a 4-line dealership in Southern California as well. A customer walks in and wants to pay full freakin' retail? Damn man, have a seat. Can I get you a cup of coffee? A customer like that gets the royal treatment.
Perhaps he forgot to mention he was planning to use Confederate money.
I did that once, walked into a Honda dealer. with a couple Glendale Federal Savings bank bags full of $50.00 dollar bills. The sales manager freaked out "You can't do that!"

They wouldn't accept it! Had to give a BIG downpayment ($2,000.00 cash) and finance the rest (About $1,000.00). Made no sense to me. Honda of Glendale again. They got back at me by leaving the air cleaner element out of the bike (83 XL600).

Guess it cut into their plans of world domination done on the installment plan. Rat bastards.
Who me?

Well, not exactly. I went looking at a few used private party sportbikes last week. Each was a flagged out beast at moronically high asking prices. Do people really take Kelly Blue Book seriously? I also never knew that so many people thought that the backfiring caused by an unrejetted aftermarket exhaust is normal. (Well, 2 people anyhow.)

One guy had a ZX7 with a primary drive that rattled and banged and was nearly terminal.... he tried to tell me that it was a loose chain.

Yeah, I know it's spring, but a 1988 Ninja 750 is not worth $1650.
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To the dealers who replied (and I'm glad you did), I can only assure you that from my perspective, there was nothing else going on.

In two cases, I was talking to the owner, and all the examples occured in KY and IN.

All I can tell you is that it baffles me, and the kind souls who replied with comparisons to McDonald's fries, commies, and other paying frustrations rang true.
I recently had a similar experience. After years of lust I finally decided to get a Ducati. I accepted the valve adjustments and the higher cost of ownership but I really want a Duc. After research I was down to the 998 or 999. I did some searching and found a local dealer with a 04 998SFE and a 04 999. With Ducati's recently promo and cash back both bikes where within my price range. I worked through Ducati/GE credit, got approved on the 998SFE and told them I would pick it up in a weeks time (I had to go out of town on business). The Ducati/GE financing was 2.9% with nothing down. When I got back from my trip expecting the bike to be prepped ready to go I found out it was shipped off to another dealership within there chain and sold. When I asked "why" I was told that I Didn't have any money down on the bike and the other person had CA$H (get this - I found out later the bike was never purchase and is still down at that dealership. The "cash" guy never came back!) After some fighting with the sales manager and stuffing there own "small writting" down there throats (IE: by signing this you are commited to a deal) I was able to wrangle a better deal on a 2004 999 (almost 7k off and they picked up taxes and fees). Needless to say stealerships leave a lot to be desired include Ducati..

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I go to this dealership.

I would rather not hassle on price and their prices cannot be beat. He's been in business since the 1960's and does a lot of volume. I just give him a check and pick up the bike.

I was going to buy used but I think everyone here buys sportbikes on $39 payments. Example, many 02-03 R1's for $8500-$9500. Some used GSXR's are going for over 10k. The Harley's are even worse. Most up to 5 years old are within $1000 of MSRP, a few are even higher.

I think I'll buy new from here on out, at least I know how it's been broken in and cared for. I paid $6800 for my 04 Ninja 636, brand new. I doubt I would lose that much if I sold it. I could undercut everyone in cycle trader since it's paid for.
Not only that, but merchants also get penalized by Visa/MC/AMEX if their average transaction amount exceeds the amount they were they approved for. As you might imagine, accepting a $10,000 credit card payment boosts that average transaction amount.

Sure, not being able to pay for something with a credit card is annoying, but you should really put more blame on credit card companies than on the dealer.
I have purchased bikes here in N. California based on prices in the LA area. I just tell the dealer I can get it for "X" out the door but it will cost me $150 in gas to go get it. Twice in the last 3 years the dealer agreed to meet the price plus the $150. Then they took my cash. Now that is a win-win.

I did have to fly to San Diego and rent a U-haul to purchase a Bimota that was priced way too low.
Just did this last week. Yes Buz, I pulled the trigger and bought a Busa. Only have 200 on her so far, but it's pretty sweet. Should be interesting once I can open the throttle a bit!
Good Job Creskin

I think my credit score is exactly 452. (thanks MO)
Maybe there were suspicious of that colored powdered all over your hands after the wad exploded.
Re: Good Job Creskin

Then I'm gonna hafta require cash.
Have you started practicing riding it with your helmet on top of your head?

I know a guy who's great with fur!
That dye stuff comes off real easy with turpentine. Kind of chaffes the skin though.
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