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Oh the Humanity

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First Post!

A lot of dealers prefer to get you to use their financing. Perhaps they just don't want you to use another credit union.

I only bought one new bike, and it was through Honda's financing, so I got no such attitude.
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BMW routinely offers discounts for cash on the barrelhead. Of course, all this really means is that their financed price is inflated by a grand or two, but at least they're willing to play ball.
How about the tank top, shower shoes and (most importantly) the color-coordinated, aerodynamic arm chaps?
Is it leagal to turn down greenbacks. I thought by law if you give legal tender, they have to take it. Or am I green behind the ears?
The last New bike I bought with a personal check. I walked in to the multi-dealer told the salesman which bike I wanted and what I was willing to pay (out to door, they could back all the numbers out themselves). Got decent enough treatment, but this was 12 years ago, so the financing pressure might not have been as high. Plus I was taking a last year bike off their hands.
Ive purchased BMW, Honda, HD, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. The only one to require down payment was Triumph, when I tried to buy a Sprint, and HD. When triumph required 20% down, I went the same day and purchased a VFR, no down, reasonable rate, delivered to my door. Its all in the dealer. My BMW and HOnda dealers provide the best service, including pick up and delivery because I live in a remote area and cant always get to them. Harley almost always requires 20% regardless of dealer.
What if your MSF score in 100?
I bought a ZRX1200R a couple of years ago. Not only did the dealer match the "best" price I could find, he also talked me into the 6 months same as cash. If memory serves me correct, that 7th month was a real eye opening interest rate.

I took the bike on a hand shake and paid my tab in full during the fifth month with the check I was ready to give him the day I picked up the bike.

As far as credit cards go; if you have the visa/mc logo on your door, expect people to pay with a form of currency you are advertising you accept. The only time I put a bike on a card, I offered to pay an extra .75% due to the 1.5% he claimed visa charged for a transaction. (Done deal)
Are you at Bert's? I'll be purchasing a motorcycle within the next few months (hopefully). I appreciate customer service more than anything, so when I am ready to pony up I'll keep you in mind. Let me know where I can look you up.
The possibilities are endless!
Yes, I think it's up to the seller. But that was only one in the very long list of cash purchases for new vehicles.

3 years later Airport Yamaha in Inglewood Ca. allowed me to pay cash on a new '86 YZ490. $2,100.00 out the door. I think the sales manager pocketed the $$$.

He rewarded me by fouling up the vehicle code number on the DMV paperwork, that eventually got the bike a license plate.
I'm baffled?? Why not give them a personal check for whatever as a deposit, get the firm out the door price and return shortly with a Credit Union check? Assuming you are as serious as you say.

One of the ex sales types probably nailed it: you were pegged as a tire kicking time waster and a bulls&^%%er. Which does not mean that you are - just that you were misjudged. It does happen, you know.

By the way, have you asked around re service department performance? After all, that is where the rubber meets the road unless you can handle it all yourself.

in the car dealership world, when we would get a down payment, there was better comission( substantial) for the sales person. I never really understood that....but that is how the greedy bastids operate
I live in San Francisco where there are two Yamaha dealers, both of which want full boat for anything you want to buy.

Back in '02, I decided I wanted a new R1, so I went to my closest downtown location and offered cash on the barrelhead if they'd give me the bike for $10,200 OTD. "Ha-Ha," they said, "..but let's sit down and talk."

We "talked," and after sitting down with the salesman, the salesmanager and someone else who chimed in, the lowest I could get them was $10,500 OTD. I told them to forget it.

One week later, I located a dealer in L.A. who was only too happy to sell me the bike for 10K even OTD, and who would ship it up to me for $150 additional.

Two months later, the SF dealer was still leaving me voice mail messages, telling me, "How about $10,300?" It was to laugh.
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Would you whippersnappers quit horsein' around; some of us are tryin to jitterbug over here...
My point is that it's never been explained to me nicely from the perspective of the dealer. If a dealer told me that he would give me a better deal if I financed it or paid cash vs. purchasing with a credit card, it would be a TOTALLY different scenario. Because motorcycles are selling well now, most dealers can give you the stink eye and a smart-ass remark instead of explaining the situation in an attempt to bargain (unless you are buying two or three-year old Triumph Daytonas ;) I buy things with credit cards and pay off my balances immediately because it's easy, convenient, and it keeps my credit score high.
I bought a Busa on a mastercard to ease the paperwork. Got a great deal and offered the dealer to pay the 2% extra for the convenience. Everyone was happy!
A new Busa eh. I'm jealous. When others have critiqued the shape of the Busa, I wondered what in the hell they were thinking. I find the organic shape to be very pleasing in an art deco, Luigi Colani sort of way. I've always thought it would be cool to own one. Not for the top speed, but for the generous torque available to squirt normal sized people like us through traffic. Let me know if you find the ergonomics comfortable for longer rides. BTW, what color did you get? VWW
Got the gunmetal gray limited edition. The color looks fantastic. After a short 100 mile jaunt on Saturday, I don't think I'd change a thing. Seat is flat and comfy and the bars aren't too low. The pegs are a bit high, but they are rearward, so leg room isn't too bad. There is plenty of room to stretch out and move around. Seemed most comfortable at 85 to 90. Definitely a bullet train. I can't imagine what full throttle will be least for another couple weeks!
Sounds like they want to make some profit off of the financing also. I wonder what will happen when someone wants to pay with a check or cash?

If the motorbike your interested in at that dealership is the last of it kind, I would go back and negotiage financing. If there still building them go to the next dealership. Take your pre-approval letter with you.
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